Complete Standard’40 

hidden doors

Hidden door Complete Standard’40

Hidden door Complete Standard’40 is the basic product of the Complete series. It consists of an invisible aluminum frame and a 40 mm thick leaf, which may have a honeycomb filling or a chipboard filling. It is mounted on an internal or external frame, intended for both wall and plasterboard installation. In addition, the entire set is suitable for painting with wall paints, and in the version with a chipboard, you can put wallpaper on it.

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Frame type
Raw aluminum, reinforced with a plastic angle bar, intended for painting with wall paints (the set includes primer, wipes for degreasing the surface). Also available in natural or white lacquered anode.
Door leaf and filling

The leaf is adapted to be painted with wall paints and filled depending on the selected variant, the so-called “Honeycomb” (standard) or chipboard (standard plus). In the standard plus option, the leaf is suitable for wallpapering.


Italian fittings

as standard, 2 AN 140 3D Anselmi by Simonswerk hinges in gray / white / black. Optionally, it is possible to order a 3 hinge or an anti-breaking bolt

Custom handle design

Leaf with filling:

Raw (suitable for painting)

Standard (the so-called "honeycomb")

Standard Plus (chipboard)

470 EUR