In Complete by Leon systems, each of the solutions complies with the current trends in interior design. Hidden frames are adapted to the leaves with a thickness of 40, 42 and 50 mm.
The Complete’40 system has been designed so that in one room, while maintaining its modern character, one, two or three systems can be used consistently. These are complete sets in standard dimensions. Complete’40 includes an invisible aluminum frame, a cassette or a sliding system, a leaf and, optionally, fittings from reputable companies. The door frame can be raw, anodized silver or varnished white, and the blind of the sliding system – anodized silver or varnished white. The wing with a thickness of 40 mm, depending on the finish, may have a honeycomb filling or a chipboard filling.
Complete PVC’40 system is a hidden frame made of plastic with a leaf filled with “honeycomb”. Both the frame and the leaf can be raw, prepared for painting with wall paint or in four colors to choose from: white, gray, anthracite, black. Additionally, the frame, regardless of the color, can be painted with wall paint.
System Complete’42 allows you to order custom-made doors up to the maximum leaf height of 2,420 mm. Complete’42 includes an aluminum hidden frame with a sash and fittings (a handle as an option). The door frame can be raw, silver anodized or varnished in a selected RAL color. The door leaf, 42 mm thick, is filled with chipboard.
Complete’50 system gives the possibility to choose the dimensions of the leaf up to a maximum height of 2620 mm. Complete’50 includes an aluminum door frame hidden with a sash and fittings (optional handle). The door frame can be raw, varnished in the selected RAL color or silver anodized. The 50 mm thick leaf is filled with a chipboard and perforated board.
Complete accessories include: a handle, a handrail with a thimble, a self-closing threshold or a ventilation undercut – depending on the type of system.